Plan Basics
Contract Year 2020
Medicare Type Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C)
CMS Plan ID H1924-003-000
Plan Organization Lasso Healthcare
Plan Type MSA *
Plan Name Lasso Healthcare (MSA)
Drugs Covered No
Doctors Choice Any Doctor
Overall Star Rating Plan too new to be measured
Plan Cost Sharing
Premium $0.00
Total Premium (Includes Part B) $135.50
Maximum Out-of-Pocket Limit for Parts A & B (MOOP) $0.00

Medicare Advantage Plan Health Benefits

Comprehensive Dental
Service Cap Network Auth. Req. Ref. Req. Cost Share
Endodontics - - - - Not covered
Restorative services - - - - Not covered
Extractions - - - - Not covered
Non-routine services - - - - Not covered
Periodontics - - - - Not covered
Diagnostic services - - - - Not covered
Prosthodontics, other oral/maxillofacial surgery, other services - - - - Not covered
Diagnostic Procedures/lab Services/imaging
Service Cap Network Auth. Req. Ref. Req. Cost Share
Diagnostic radiology services (e.g., MRI) - - - - $0 copay after you pay your deductible
Outpatient x-rays - - - - $0 copay after you pay your deductible
Diagnostic tests and procedures - - - - $0 copay after you pay your deductible
Lab services - - - - $0 copay after you pay your deductible
Emergency Care/Urgent Care
Service Cap Network Auth. Req. Ref. Req. Cost Share
Emergency - - - - $0 copay after you pay your deductible
Urgent care - - - - $0 copay after you pay your deductible
Foot Care (podiatry Services)
Service Cap Network Auth. Req. Ref. Req. Cost Share
Foot exams and treatment - - - - $0 copay after you pay your deductible
Routine foot care - - - - Not covered
Health Plan Deductible
Service Cap Network Auth. Req. Ref. Req. Cost Share
- - - - $9,400 annual deductible
Medical Equipment/supplies
Service Cap Network Auth. Req. Ref. Req. Cost Share
Durable medical equipment (e.g., wheelchairs, oxygen) - - - - $0 copay after you pay your deductible
Prosthetics (e.g., braces, artificial limbs) - - - - $0 copay after you pay your deductible
Diabetes supplies - - - - $0 copay after you pay your deductible
Mental Health Services
Service Cap Network Auth. Req. Ref. Req. Cost Share
Outpatient individual therapy visit with a psychiatrist - - - - $0 copay after you pay your deductible
Outpatient group therapy visit - - - - $0 copay after you pay your deductible
Outpatient group therapy visit with a psychiatrist - - - - $0 copay after you pay your deductible
Inpatient hospital - psychiatric - - - - $0 copay after you pay your deductible
Outpatient individual therapy visit - - - - $0 copay after you pay your deductible
Outpatient Hospital Coverage
Service Cap Network Auth. Req. Ref. Req. Cost Share
- - - - $0 copay after you pay your deductible
Preventive Dental
Service Cap Network Auth. Req. Ref. Req. Cost Share
Oral exam - - - - Not covered
Dental x-ray(s) - - - - Not covered
Cleaning - - - - Not covered
Fluoride treatment - - - - Not covered
Rehabilitation Services
Service Cap Network Auth. Req. Ref. Req. Cost Share
Occupational therapy visit - - - - $0 copay after you pay your deductible
Physical therapy and speech and language therapy visit - - - - $0 copay after you pay your deductible
Service Cap Network Auth. Req. Ref. Req. Cost Share
Contact lenses - - - - Not covered
Eyeglasses (frames and lenses) - - - - Not covered
Routine eye exam - - - - Not covered
Eyeglass lenses - - - - Not covered
Upgrades - - - - Not covered
Eyeglass frames - - - - Not covered
Other - - - - Not covered
Service Cap Network Auth. Req. Ref. Req. Cost Share
Fitting/evaluation - - - - Not covered
Hearing aids - outer ear - - - - Not covered
Hearing aids - over the ear - - - - Not covered
Hearing aids - inner ear - - - - Not covered
Hearing exam - - - - $0 copay after you pay your deductible
Maximum Out-of-pocket Enrollee Responsibility (does Not Include Prescription Drugs)
Service Cap Network Auth. Req. Ref. Req. Cost Share
- - - - Not Applicable
Medicare Part B Drugs
Service Cap Network Auth. Req. Ref. Req. Cost Share
Chemotherapy - - - - $0 copay after you pay your deductible
Other Part B drugs - - - - $0 copay after you pay your deductible
Optional Supplemental Benefits
Service Cap Network Auth. Req. Ref. Req. Cost Share
- - - - No
Service Cap Network Auth. Req. Ref. Req. Cost Share
- - - - Not covered
Additional Benefits And/or Reduced Cost-sharing For Enrollees With Certain Health Conditions?
Service Cap Network Auth. Req. Ref. Req. Cost Share
- In-Network - - No
Ground Ambulance
Service Cap Network Auth. Req. Ref. Req. Cost Share
- - - - $0 copay after you pay your deductible
Other Health Plan Deductibles?
Service Cap Network Auth. Req. Ref. Req. Cost Share
- In-Network - - No
Skilled Nursing Facility
Service Cap Network Auth. Req. Ref. Req. Cost Share
- - - - $0 copay after you pay your deductible
Wellness Programs (e.g., Fitness, Nursing Hotline)
Service Cap Network Auth. Req. Ref. Req. Cost Share
- - - - Not covered
Doctor Visits
Service Cap Network Auth. Req. Ref. Req. Cost Share
Primary - - - - $0 copay after you pay your deductible
Specialist - - - - $0 copay after you pay your deductible
Inpatient Hospital Coverage
Service Cap Network Auth. Req. Ref. Req. Cost Share
- - - - $0 copay after you pay your deductible
Preventive Care
Service Cap Network Auth. Req. Ref. Req. Cost Share
- - - - $0 copay
Official Medicare Contact
Medicare Phone 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227)
Medicare TTY User 1-877-486-2048
Plan Available in these Counties
Acadia County, Louisiana, Adams County, Mississippi, Adams County, Pennsylvania, Aiken County, South Carolina, Albany County, Wyoming, Alcorn County, Mississippi, Alexander County, Illinois, Allegany County, Maryland, Alleghany County, North Carolina, Allen County, Louisiana, Allendale County, South Carolina, Amite County, Mississippi, Andrews County, Texas, Anne Arundel County, Maryland, Apache County, Arizona, Archer County, Texas, Arkansas County, Arkansas, Armstrong County, Texas, Ashe County, North Carolina, Ashley County, Arkansas, Assumption County, Louisiana, Atkinson County, Georgia, Attala County, Mississippi, Avoyelles County, Louisiana, Bacon County, Georgia, Bailey County, Texas, Ballard County, Kentucky, Baltimore City County, Maryland, Baltimore County, Maryland, Bamberg County, South Carolina, Barber County, Kansas, Barnwell County, South Carolina, Barren County, Kentucky, Barton County, Kansas, Baylor County, Texas, Beaufort County, North Carolina, Beaufort County, South Carolina, Beauregard County, Louisiana, Beaver County, Utah, Beaverhead County, Montana, Ben Hill County, Georgia, Benton County, Mississippi, Berkeley County, South Carolina, Berrien County, Georgia, Bertie County, North Carolina, Bienville County, Louisiana, Big Horn County, Wyoming, Blaine County, Montana, Blanco County, Texas, Bleckley County, Georgia, Bolivar County, Mississippi, Borden County, Texas, Bossier County, Louisiana, Bottineau County, North Dakota, Boyle County, Kentucky, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, Bradley County, Arkansas, Brantley County, Georgia, Brewster County, Texas, Briscoe County, Texas, Brooks County, Georgia, Brown County, Kansas, Brown County, Texas, Brunswick County, North Carolina, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Bulloch County, Georgia, Burke County, North Dakota, Caddo County, Louisiana, Calcasieu County, Louisiana, Caldwell County, Kentucky, Caldwell County, Louisiana, Calhoun County, Arkansas, Calhoun County, Georgia, Calhoun County, Mississippi, Calhoun County, Texas, Callahan County, Texas, Calvert County, Maryland, Camden County, Georgia, Camden County, North Carolina, Cameron County, Louisiana, Camp County, Texas, Campbell County, Wyoming, Candler County, Georgia, Carbon County, Utah, Carbon County, Wyoming, Carlisle County, Kentucky, Caroline County, Maryland, Carroll County, Georgia, Carroll County, Maryland, Carroll County, Mississippi, Carson County, Texas, Carter County, Montana, Carteret County, North Carolina, Castro County, Texas, Catahoula County, Louisiana, Catoosa County, Georgia, Catron County, New Mexico, Cecil County, Maryland, Charles County, Maryland, Charlton County, Georgia, Chase County, Kansas, Chattooga County, Georgia, Chautauqua County, Kansas, Chaves County, New Mexico, Chester County, Pennsylvania, Cheyenne County, Kansas, Chickasaw County, Mississippi, Chicot County, Arkansas, Childress County, Texas, Choctaw County, Mississippi, Chowan County, North Carolina, Christian County, Kentucky, Claiborne County, Louisiana, Claiborne County, Mississippi, Clarendon County, South Carolina, Clark County, Kansas, Clarke County, Mississippi, Clay County, Kansas, Clay County, Mississippi, Clay County, Texas, Cleveland County, Arkansas, Clinch County, Georgia, Clinton County, Kentucky, Cloud County, Kansas, Coahoma County, Mississippi, Cochise County, Arizona, Cochran County, Texas, Coconino County, Arizona, Coke County, Texas, Coleman County, Texas, Colfax County, New Mexico, Colleton County, South Carolina, Collingsworth County, Texas, Colorado County, Texas, Columbia County, Arkansas, Columbus County, North Carolina, Comanche County, Kansas, Comanche County, Texas, Concho County, Texas, Concordia County, Louisiana, Converse County, Wyoming, Cook County, Georgia, Copiah County, Mississippi, Cottle County, Texas, Covington County, Mississippi, Cowley County, Kansas, Crane County, Texas, Craven County, North Carolina, Crawford County, Georgia, Crittenden County, Kentucky, Crockett County, Texas, Crook County, Wyoming, Crosby County, Texas, Culberson County, Texas, Cumberland County, Kentucky, Currituck County, North Carolina, Curry County, New Mexico, Dade County, Georgia, Dallam County, Texas, Daniels County, Montana, Dare County, North Carolina, Darlington County, South Carolina, Dawson County, Montana, Dawson County, Texas, De Baca County, New Mexico, De Soto County, Louisiana, De Witt County, Texas, Deaf Smith County, Texas, Decatur County, Georgia, Decatur County, Kansas, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Desoto County, Mississippi, Dickens County, Texas, Dillon County, South Carolina, Dimmit County, Texas, District Of Columbia County, Washington D.C., Divide County, North Dakota, Dodge County, Georgia, Doniphan County, Kansas, Donley County, Texas, Dorchester County, Maryland, Dorchester County, South Carolina, Drew County, Arkansas, Duchesne County, Utah, Duplin County, North Carolina, Duval County, Texas, Early County, Georgia, East Carroll County, Louisiana, East Feliciana County, Louisiana, Eastland County, Texas, Echols County, Georgia, Ector County, Texas, Eddy County, New Mexico, Edgecombe County, North Carolina, Edgefield County, South Carolina, Edwards County, Kansas, Edwards County, Texas, Elk County, Kansas, Elko County, Nevada, Ellis County, Kansas, Ellsworth County, Kansas, Emanuel County, Georgia, Emery County, Utah, Erath County, Texas, Esmeralda County, Nevada, Estill County, Kentucky, Eureka County, Nevada, Evangeline County, Louisiana, Fallon County, Montana, Fayette County, Texas, Finney County, Kansas, Fisher County, Texas, Florence County, South Carolina, Floyd County, Georgia, Floyd County, Kentucky, Floyd County, Texas, Foard County, Texas, Ford County, Kansas, Forrest County, Mississippi, Franklin County, Louisiana, Franklin County, Mississippi, Franklin County, North Carolina, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, Franklin County, Texas, Frederick County, Maryland, Freestone County, Texas, Fremont County, Wyoming, Frio County, Texas, Fulton County, Kentucky, Fulton County, Pennsylvania, Gaines County, Texas, Gallatin County, Illinois, Garfield County, Montana, Garfield County, Utah, Garrett County, Maryland, Garza County, Texas, Gates County, North Carolina, Geary County, Kansas, George County, Mississippi, Georgetown County, South Carolina, Gila County, Arizona, Gillespie County, Texas, Glacier County, Montana, Glascock County, Georgia, Glasscock County, Texas, Golden Valley County, North Dakota, Goliad County, Texas, Gonzales County, Texas, Gordon County, Georgia, Goshen County, Wyoming, Gove County, Kansas, Grady County, Georgia, Graham County, Kansas, Grand County, Utah, Granite County, Montana, Grant County, Kansas, Grant County, Louisiana, Granville County, North Carolina, Gray County, Kansas, Gray County, Texas, Greeley County, Kansas, Green County, Kentucky, Greene County, Georgia, Greene County, Mississippi, Greene County, North Carolina, Greenlee County, Arizona, Greenwood County, Kansas, Grenada County, Mississippi, Guadalupe County, New Mexico, Hale County, Texas, Halifax County, North Carolina, Hall County, Georgia, Hall County, Texas, Hamilton County, Illinois, Hamilton County, Kansas, Hampton County, South Carolina, Hancock County, Mississippi, Hansford County, Texas, Haralson County, Georgia, Hardeman County, Texas, Hardin County, Illinois, Harding County, New Mexico, Harford County, Maryland, Harper County, Kansas, Harrison County, Mississippi, Harrison County, Texas, Hartley County, Texas, Haskell County, Kansas, Haskell County, Texas, Hemphill County, Texas, Hempstead County, Arkansas, Hertford County, North Carolina, Hickman County, Kentucky, Hill County, Montana, Hinds County, Mississippi, Hockley County, Texas, Hodgeman County, Kansas, Holmes County, Mississippi, Hopkins County, Kentucky, Horry County, South Carolina, Hot Springs County, Wyoming, Houston County, Georgia, Howard County, Arkansas, Howard County, Maryland, Howard County, Texas, Humboldt County, Nevada, Humphreys County, Mississippi, Hutchinson County, Texas, Hyde County, North Carolina, Iberia County, Louisiana, Iberville County, Louisiana, Irion County, Texas, Iron County, Utah, Issaquena County, Mississippi, Itawamba County, Mississippi, Izard County, Arkansas, Jack County, Texas, Jackson County, Louisiana, Jackson County, Mississippi, Jackson County, Texas, Jasper County, Mississippi, Jasper County, South Carolina, Jeff Davis County, Georgia, Jeff Davis County, Texas, Jefferson County, Georgia, Jefferson County, Illinois, Jefferson County, Mississippi, Jefferson Davis County, Louisiana, Jefferson Davis County, Mississippi, Jenkins County, Georgia, Jewell County, Kansas, Johnson County, Illinois, Johnson County, Kentucky, Johnson County, Wyoming, Jones County, Mississippi, Jones County, North Carolina, Jones County, Texas, Juab County, Utah, Judith Basin County, Montana, Kane County, Utah, Karnes County, Texas, Kearny County, Kansas, Kemper County, Mississippi, Kent County, Maryland, Kent County, Texas, Kerr County, Texas, Kershaw County, South Carolina, Kimble County, Texas, King County, Texas, Kingman County, Kansas, Kinney County, Texas, Kiowa County, Kansas, Knott County, Kentucky, Knox County, Texas, La Salle County, Louisiana, La Salle County, Texas, Lafayette County, Arkansas, Lafayette County, Louisiana, Lafayette County, Mississippi, Lafourche County, Louisiana, Lamar County, Mississippi, Lamar County, Texas, Lamb County, Texas, Lander County, Nevada, Lane County, Kansas, Lanier County, Georgia, Laramie County, Wyoming, Larue County, Kentucky, Lauderdale County, Mississippi, Lavaca County, Texas, Lawrence County, Arkansas, Lawrence County, Illinois, Lawrence County, Mississippi, Lea County, New Mexico, Leake County, Mississippi, Lee County, Mississippi, Lee County, South Carolina, Lee County, Texas, Leflore County, Mississippi, Lenoir County, North Carolina, Letcher County, Kentucky, Liberty County, Montana, Lincoln County, Kansas, Lincoln County, Kentucky, Lincoln County, Louisiana, Lincoln County, Mississippi, Lincoln County, Nevada, Lincoln County, New Mexico, Lincoln County, Wyoming, Lipscomb County, Texas, Little River County, Arkansas, Live Oak County, Texas, Logan County, Kansas, Long County, Georgia, Los Alamos County, New Mexico, Loving County, Texas, Lowndes County, Georgia, Lowndes County, Mississippi, Lubbock County, Texas, Lumpkin County, Georgia, Lynn County, Texas, Lyon County, Kentucky, Madison County, Louisiana, Madison County, Mississippi, Madison County, Montana, Magoffin County, Kentucky, Marion County, Illinois, Marion County, Kansas, Marion County, Kentucky, Marion County, Mississippi, Marion County, South Carolina, Marion County, Texas, Marlboro County, South Carolina, Marshall County, Kansas, Marshall County, Mississippi, Martin County, Kentucky, Martin County, North Carolina, Martin County, Texas, Mason County, Kentucky, Mason County, Texas, Massac County, Illinois, Mccone County, Montana, Mccormick County, South Carolina, Mcculloch County, Texas, Mcdonough County, Illinois, Mckenzie County, North Dakota, Mckinley County, New Mexico, Mcmullen County, Texas, Meade County, Kansas, Meagher County, Montana, Menard County, Texas, Mercer County, Kentucky, Metcalfe County, Kentucky, Midland County, Texas, Millard County, Utah, Miller County, Arkansas, Miller County, Georgia, Mississippi County, Arkansas, Mitchell County, Georgia, Mitchell County, Kansas, Mitchell County, Texas, Monroe County, Kentucky, Monroe County, Mississippi, Montague County, Texas, Montgomery County, Georgia, Montgomery County, Maryland, Montgomery County, Mississippi, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Moore County, Texas, Mora County, New Mexico, Morehouse County, Louisiana, Morgan County, Kentucky, Morris County, Kansas, Morris County, Texas, Morton County, Kansas, Motley County, Texas, Mountrail County, North Dakota, Murray County, Georgia, Nash County, North Carolina, Natchitoches County, Louisiana, Natrona County, Wyoming, Navajo County, Arizona, Nemaha County, Kansas, Neosho County, Kansas, Neshoba County, Mississippi, Ness County, Kansas, Nevada County, Arkansas, New Hanover County, North Carolina, Newberry County, South Carolina, Newton County, Mississippi, Nicholas County, Kentucky, Niobrara County, Wyoming, Nolan County, Texas, Northampton County, North Carolina, Norton County, Kansas, Noxubee County, Mississippi, Ochiltree County, Texas, Oktibbeha County, Mississippi, Oldham County, Texas, Onslow County, North Carolina, Orangeburg County, South Carolina, Osborne County, Kansas, Ottawa County, Kansas, Ouachita County, Arkansas, Ouachita County, Louisiana, Owsley County, Kentucky, Palo Pinto County, Texas, Pamlico County, North Carolina, Panola County, Mississippi, Park County, Montana, Park County, Wyoming, Parmer County, Texas, Pasquotank County, North Carolina, Paulding County, Georgia, Pawnee County, Kansas, Pearl River County, Mississippi, Pecos County, Texas, Pender County, North Carolina, Perquimans County, North Carolina, Perry County, Illinois, Perry County, Mississippi, Pershing County, Nevada, Petroleum County, Montana, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, Phillips County, Kansas, Phillips County, Montana, Pierce County, Georgia, Pike County, Arkansas, Pike County, Kentucky, Pike County, Mississippi, Pike County, Pennsylvania, Pitt County, North Carolina, Piute County, Utah, Plaquemines County, Louisiana, Platte County, Wyoming, Pointe Coupee County, Louisiana, Polk County, Georgia, Pontotoc County, Mississippi, Pope County, Illinois, Potter County, Texas, Powder River County, Montana, Prairie County, Montana, Pratt County, Kansas, Prentiss County, Mississippi, Presidio County, Texas, Prince Georges County, Maryland, Pulaski County, Georgia, Pulaski County, Illinois, Putnam County, Georgia, Quay County, New Mexico, Queen Annes County, Maryland, Quitman County, Mississippi, Rabun County, Georgia, Randall County, Texas, Rankin County, Mississippi, Rapides County, Louisiana, Rawlins County, Kansas, Reagan County, Texas, Real County, Texas, Red River County, Louisiana, Reeves County, Texas, Refugio County, Texas, Renville County, North Dakota, Republic County, Kansas, Rice County, Kansas, Richland County, Louisiana, Richland County, Montana, Richland County, South Carolina, Riley County, Kansas, Roberts County, Texas, Robertson County, Kentucky, Rooks County, Kansas, Roosevelt County, Montana, Roosevelt County, New Mexico, Runnels County, Texas, Rush County, Kansas, Russell County, Kansas, Russell County, Kentucky, Sabine County, Louisiana, Sabine County, Texas, Saint Bernard County, Louisiana, Saint Helena County, Louisiana, Saint James County, Louisiana, Saint Landry County, Louisiana, Saint Martin County, Louisiana, Saint Mary County, Louisiana, Saint Marys County, Maryland, Saint Tammany County, Louisiana, Saline County, Kansas, San Juan County, New Mexico, San Juan County, Utah, Sanpete County, Utah, Schleicher County, Texas, Schuyler County, Illinois, Scott County, Kansas, Scott County, Mississippi, Screven County, Georgia, Scurry County, Texas, Seminole County, Georgia, Sevier County, Arkansas, Sevier County, Utah, Seward County, Kansas, Shackelford County, Texas, Sharkey County, Mississippi, Sharp County, Arkansas, Sheridan County, Kansas, Sheridan County, Montana, Sheridan County, Wyoming, Sherman County, Kansas, Sherman County, Texas, Simpson County, Mississippi, Smith County, Kansas, Smith County, Mississippi, Somerset County, Maryland, Somervell County, Texas, St John The Baptist County, Louisiana, Stafford County, Kansas, Stanton County, Kansas, Stephens County, Texas, Sterling County, Texas, Stevens County, Kansas, Stone County, Mississippi, Stonewall County, Texas, Sublette County, Wyoming, Sumner County, Kansas, Sumter County, South Carolina, Sunflower County, Mississippi, Sutton County, Texas, Sweetwater County, Wyoming, Swisher County, Texas, Talbot County, Georgia, Talbot County, Maryland, Taliaferro County, Georgia, Tallahatchie County, Mississippi, Tangipahoa County, Louisiana, Taos County, New Mexico, Tate County, Mississippi, Tattnall County, Georgia, Taylor County, Texas, Telfair County, Georgia, Tensas County, Louisiana, Terrebonne County, Louisiana, Terrell County, Texas, Terry County, Texas, Teton County, Wyoming, Thomas County, Georgia, Thomas County, Kansas, Throckmorton County, Texas, Tippah County, Mississippi, Tishomingo County, Mississippi, Todd County, Kentucky, Tom Green County, Texas, Toole County, Montana, Trego County, Kansas, Trigg County, Kentucky, Trimble County, Kentucky, Troup County, Georgia, Tunica County, Mississippi, Tyrrell County, North Carolina, Uinta County, Wyoming, Uintah County, Utah, Union County, Arkansas, Union County, Illinois, Union County, Kentucky, Union County, Louisiana, Union County, Mississippi, Union County, New Mexico, Upton County, Texas, Uvalde County, Texas, Val Verde County, Texas, Valley County, Montana, Vance County, North Carolina, Vermilion County, Louisiana, Vernon County, Louisiana, Walker County, Georgia, Wallace County, Kansas, Walthall County, Mississippi, Ward County, Texas, Warren County, Mississippi, Warren County, North Carolina, Washakie County, Wyoming, Washington County, Kansas, Washington County, Kentucky, Washington County, Louisiana, Washington County, Maryland, Washington County, Mississippi, Washington County, North Carolina, Washington County, Texas, Washington County, Utah, Watauga County, North Carolina, Wayne County, Georgia, Wayne County, Kentucky, Wayne County, Mississippi, Wayne County, North Carolina, Wayne County, Utah, Webster County, Georgia, Webster County, Louisiana, Webster County, Mississippi, West Carroll County, Louisiana, West Feliciana County, Louisiana, Weston County, Wyoming, Wheeler County, Georgia, Wheeler County, Texas, White County, Illinois, White Pine County, Nevada, Whitfield County, Georgia, Wibaux County, Montana, Wichita County, Kansas, Wichita County, Texas, Wicomico County, Maryland, Wilbarger County, Texas, Wilcox County, Georgia, Wilkes County, Georgia, Wilkinson County, Georgia, Wilkinson County, Mississippi, Williamsburg County, South Carolina, Wilson County, Kansas, Wilson County, North Carolina, Winkler County, Texas, Winn County, Louisiana, Winston County, Mississippi, Woodson County, Kansas, Worcester County, Maryland, Yalobusha County, Mississippi, Yavapai County, Arizona, Yazoo County, Mississippi, Yoakum County, Texas, Young County, Texas, Yuma County, Arizona, Zapata County, Texas

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