About Medicare Policy Helper

MedicarePolicyHelper.com is designed to help normal people understand their Medicare plan choices.

Not only do we offer up-to-date information on every plan in your area, we also display the information in an easy to understand way.

We know finding the right Medicare policy and understanding all the jargon can be confusing without a helper, that is why we built a site to help.

For us it isn’t enough just to display all the Medicare plan data and then urge you to contact a broker, we actually want to teach you how to compare plans for yourself (it isn’t that hard with a little help).

If anything ever does get too confusing, we do of course also provide options for asking for help. You can contact us with basic questions. We can direct you to the proper resource at Medicare.gov. Or we can direct you to one of our hand-picked brokers for detailed plan questions (and even request in-person help).

We have carefully picked a few of the best Medicare brokers in the country to partner with to ensure everyone can find a licensed agent to give them personalized help.

With that said, this site isn’t created designed to sell you a plan, and it isn’t created by an insurance broker, a government agency, or data geeks.

This site was created by a team that builds educational websites (for example FactMyth.com and ObamaCareFacts.com) and it is designed to help you understand Medicare plans.

What is MedicarePolicyHelper.com? MedicarePolicyHelper.com is a non-political fact-based free to use informational site focused on Medicare created by Massive Dog LLC. We are privately owned, and not owned or operated by the US federal or state government. We don’t sell Medicare policies, we simply help you understand them. See our legal & privacy policy and cookie policy.