In general, if you are Medicare you can’t also buy a private non-Medicare health insurance plan. Instead, your choices for additional coverage include Medicare Advantage, Part D Drug plan, and Medigap.

With that in mind, there are cases where you can have a privacy policy and Medicare.

It works like this:

You cannot have Medicare and a private policy if you have Medicare Part A and/or Part B unless

  • You have creditable coverage through an employer.
  • You have coverage under a spouse’s plan.
  • You have COBRA through yourself or a spouse.
  • You have TRICARE. You can have TRICARE and Medicare if you are over 65 and enrolled in Part B, have ALS and are enrolled in Part A and B, or have Medicare and are a dependent of an active duty service member.

If you have more than one coverage type that isn’t Medicare, then one insurance will be the primary payer and the other the second payer. For more, see primary payer rules for Medicare.

TIP: In some cases, you may want to defer one Part of Medicare and not the other. For example, you may want to defer Part B and Part D, but not Part A, if you have other creditable coverage through an employer to avoid paying additional premiums.

TIP: You can have public insurance like Medicaid and Medicare. In fact, you can even get a private Medicare Advantage plan designed especially for dual-eligible individuals.

TIP: You can still get other insurance types if you have Medicare. For example, you can get a dental or vision plan. With that said, you won’t be able to get these plans on HealthCare.Gov and may want to see your dental and vision choices through Medicare Advantage first.

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